Vetus Tweezer SS-SA

26 Sep 2020
Vetus Tweezer SS-SA
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Vetus Tweezer SS-SA

Vetus Tweezers is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of high quality precision crafted tweezers and forceps. Vetus tweezers are widely used by industry, medical units, and consumer use and research. Vetus manufacturers makes most common and popular Tweezer Pattern Types for electronics assembly, machine assembly, aircraft production, precision assembly, manual plucking, handling biomolecules, micro assembly and manufacturing, industrial supply, clock, watch works repair and assembly. 

The SA series is a medium level products using special stainless steel materials, which are anti-magnetic, anti-acid and anti-corrosion. The tip of tweezers is super fine with good elasticity and is not easily deformed or damaged. The product has clear outline, smooth lines, and flat surface which is good for handling and long-term use.

SA Series- Vetus Tweezers Features
  • Swiss Style Pattern High Precision Tweezers
  • ​Fine Tip Straight (140mm)
  • Anti Magnetic
  • Anti Acid
  • Non Corrosive & Non Glare
  • SA Stainless Steel
  • Hardness 43HRC
We sell all range of swiftlet products, kindly call/whatsapp us at +6012-4782316 or visit our website for more information.

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